Natural Lashes

When it comes to adding false lashes there are several available options to choose from. Ranging from synthetic to natural lashes, eyelashes come in a number of lengths and thicknesses. Compared to synthetic lashes, natural lashes give you all of the benefits that come with long and luxurious lashes, with the feel and flexibility of natural materials. Made of silk or mink, natural lashes are gentle to use for sensitive skin and eyes. Plus, natural lashes give you a range of options, allowing you to increase your versatility, mixing up your look as the circumstance or event dictates.

To keep your natural lashes looking great, the team at Righteous Lashes recommends the use of lash shampoo. Let's face it, eyelashes and beauty products in general are expensive, so it makes sense to take care of your investment. Using dedicated lash shampoo it is possible to keep your lashes looking great for multiple uses. Lash shampoo has the ability to gently remove excess makeup debris, dirt, oil, and glue residue, leaving you with a beautiful and clean lash. If left to dry naturally, lash extensions can be used repeatedly with the same amount of beauty as the first time you wear them. If you have questions about the care and maintenance of your false lashes, feel free to reach out to a professional at Righteous Lashes. We are happy to help answer any questions that you may have, and can even help direct you to the right products and accessories needed to help keep your lashes looking and feeling great.

Enjoy Versatility with Natural Lashes