Lash Maintenance Care

Keep Your Lashes Looking Great with Regular Lash Maintenance Care

Many women will opt for a lash extension accessory in order to make their lashes appear long and luxurious. A lash extension can do wonders for the face, opening the eyes and really making them the highlight of your makeup repertoire. Lash extensions can be perfect for everyday wear to the office, or can be wonderful for a dramatic and elegant look for special events. While many lash extension options can be quite costly, including semi-permanent lash extensions, magnetic lashes are quite affordable. In fact, magnetic lashes can be used repeatedly if they receive the right amount of care.

Keep your lashes looking top notch with regular lash maintenance care. Make sure to keep your lashes clean and dirt free with ongoing, easy care. After wearing magnetic lashes it is very easy to clean and store the lashes safely. Use specialized lash shampoo to wash away any makeup residue or oils that may have collected on the magnetic lashes after a night out. Once the laces are shampooed, allow the lashes to dry naturally. Then, once dry, store the magnetic lashes in a safe and dry place until the next use. With the right lash maintenance care it is possible to keep your false eyelashes looking great through multiple eyelash uses. For all of your lash care accessories, turn to the professionals at Righteous Lashes. From the lashes to the shampoos necessary, Righteous Lashes has what you need to keep your eyes looking sharp.